Established in 1992, Whitmill Trust has grown to become recognised as one of the leading truly independent trust companies*. Our independence is much more than just about our ownership structure.

With a team of highly qualified professionals in our Jersey and Gibraltar offices we provide a bespoke, client focused approach enabling flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs.

Whitmill prides itself on building long-term relationships with its clients, their families and advisors.  A number of our clients having been with us since the establishment of the business.

*PAM Insight Limited – 2021 eprivateclients Top Trust companies.

From the owner
A note from the Founder

Don Wijsmuller

Founder / Owner

"When I started Whitmill back in the early ’90s, one of the key inspirations was the desire to create a great service that could remain flexible and adaptive to help clients from different walks of life and different parts of the world to reach their business and personal goals – whether financial, estate or asset planning, confidentiality or tax mitigation.

The design of the Whitmill logo came from that initial inspiration demonstrating how these different, sometimes disparate elements can still come together and create something which works. The logo exemplifies this ‘coming together’; the 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water) and the 4 directions (north, south, east, west) indicating the wide and varied nature of our clients and their activities as well as their international spread. The lack of an enclosure or boundary to the logo was meant to symbolise the movement and freedom of those elements and the dynamism of the relationships that evolved. Our business is all about relationships; understanding our clients and their needs, introducing and working with the right intermediaries, finding the right product, and getting the right staff in place to nurture those elements into a long-term collaboration with our clients.

That is something that we have tried to do from the start and continue to adhere to in the intervening years. The regulatory and legal framework for our business is constantly developing and adapting but we remain agile enough to hold those elements together and continue to nurture our varied and interesting relationships now and in the future."

Picture of Don Wijsmuller

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