Decades of experience in serving and supporting private clients across the globe has earned Whitmill Trust a reputation as a trusted provider, to which clients and their professional advisors turn to when they require a flexible, expert and reliable partner to coordinate their financial and family affairs.

Our independence and flexibility means we can create a range of private office solutions that are tailored to work effectively for each family, ensuring each is capable of adapting and growing with that family, from generation to generation.

Whitmill’s range of administration, fiduciary and succession services deliver the peace of mind that allows our clients to focus on what really matters; making decisions, securing the future and ensuring their legacy.

Providing a personalised and consolidated view of our clients wealth

Our team offers a wide range of skills and experience, whose shared purpose is to compliment and add value to the management of both financial and non-financial assets for the benefit of our clients. 


We bring an objective perspective to the complexities of wealth administration, creating a tailored suite of resources for each client family, providing additional expertise and experience when it comes to providing trust administration and core accountancy services, through to personalised payroll and bill payment services for assets and bespoke day-to-day lifestyle management services. 

Acting as a hub for all administrative matters, we are able to ensure that all service partners are working in synergy as well as optimising services to ensure wealth management plans are executed in the way that benefits our clients the most. 

Fiduciary services

Our relationships are built on the fundamentals of trust and communication. Understanding our client’s aims and objectives enables us to advise on the most appropriate trust structures for their family now, and in the future. And when it comes to philanthropic goals, we have the expertise to assist with strategic charitable planning to achieve efficient and measurable results.  

Business & Family Succession


We work closely with our clients and their professional advisors to implement sophisticated governance structures that reflect each family’s values. Our extensive experience enables us to advise on foreign business ownership and international legal and fiscal implications, as well as being proactive when it comes to leading families through key regulatory requirements and trigger events.


Transferring wealth is about far more than just the numbers. As an independent advisor, we can provide or recommend cross-cultural committee members who can help families devise effective business management committee structures, which are not only efficient, but also create a forum to enable the family’s vision and values to be transmitted to the next generation.


Setting a course to protect and grow family wealth across several generations requires clear direction and careful stewardship. By engaging with several generations of the same family, we can build strong, effective solutions to lead our clients and their families through the complex challenges of managing generational wealth.


Building the foundations for tomorrow’s leadership begins today. We believe education is at the heart of empowering all generations of a family, so offer a wide range of practical insights and focused wealth education geared to each family’s needs. Engaging with younger family members to build strong financial skills teamed with real world awareness helps to preserve and sustain your family’s vision for generations.