Many high net worth individuals and families choose to structure their affairs to provide for a degree of philanthropy. This is often manifested through charitable giving but in some instances and often in the case of families and corporate institutions this is undertaken in a more strategic manner.

Planned philanthropy brings advantages to the giver and the receiver. It can enable a family's generations to bridge divides, creating a shared sense of pride in the results achieved. Structures can be established for charitable or educational purposes or non-charitable purposes, such as furthering a cause or ideology.

Institutional clients may be happy to promote their activities as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, but individuals and families are often keen to retain anonymity, unless correctly advised such concerns may inhibit them from pursuing their objectives.  

Whitmill's experience of family office management gives us a unique insight into the benefits of philanthropy; we have helped clients develop their ideas by putting in place the necessary structures through a Jersey purpose trust or Jersey foundation. These tools provide an ideal way to manage the long term commitments that philanthropy requires providing a secure method of financing philanthropic intents that can span several generations, whilst at the same time managing issues such as confidentiality.

Our experience in managing and administering philanthropic trusts and foundations includes supplying the necessary legal documentation and managing the assets with care and expertise.

Whitmill Trust establishes and administers various structures with philanthropic objectives, and provides trustees or council members for charitable trusts and foundations with a range of beneficiaries. These vary from very private arrangements to structures that are closely connected to more mainstream public charitable causes.