Referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU to take place on 23 June.

02 March 2016

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU to take place on 23 June.  Speaking from outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister said he had secured a good deal with Brussels to give the UK a special status and leaving the EU would “threaten our economic and national security”.

The majority of the cabinet agreed to back the deal agreed in Brussels by Cameron with 27 other EU leaders reforming Britain’s relationship with the rest of the bloc. But within minutes of his announcement, some ministers began to declare they will fight for the UK to leave the EU.  Cameron confirmed they would all be able to campaign freely and said there would be many passionate arguments over the months ahead, but the ultimate decision would lie with the British people.

In an address to the nation, he said: “We are approaching one of the biggest decisions this country will face in our lifetimes: whether to remain in a reformed EU or to leave. The choice goes to the heart of the kind of country we want to be and the future we want for our children,” he said. 

“I do not love Brussels. I love Britain. I am the first to say there are many ways the EU needs to improve. The task of reforming Europe does not end with yesterday’s agreement. I will never say our country could not survive outside Europe … That is not the question. The question is will we be safer, stronger and better off working together in a reformed Europe or out on our own.”


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