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Whitmill Corporate Services UK Limited is a fully-owned subsidiary of Whitmill Group. Whitmill’s London office represents another key factor for the Group’s continuous growth, catering for HNW clients and family offices. London is a leading global centre for financial and related professional services and we aim to enforce our presence here. Our team of professionals are here to assist you with your business needs, both for corporate administration services in the United Kingdom and as a gateway to the wider Whitmill Group.

London is the largest City in the United Kingdom, a vibrant multi-cultural hub that is constantly evolving. The city is home to many nationalities and the diversity of cultures has shaped its culture over time.

The UK continues to be the leading international financial and related professional services centre, and the industry continues to be a major national asset. Britain’s trade surplus in financial services of $77bn in 2016 was more than the combined surpluses of the next two leading countries (the US and Switzerland). The UK has the leading share of trading in many international financial markets such as foreign exchange trading (37%), cross border bank lending (16%) and international insurance premium income (6%). It is also a global leader in providing professional services.


Not only is the UK a global financial centre, it is also Europe’s financial hub; this is likely to remain the case even after the UK exits the EU. The country is keen to strengthen its trade and investment relationships with key non-EU nations, such as the US and Japan. It could benefit from higher trade and investment volumes with emerging markets such as China and India that are – and will remain – the drivers of global economic growth.


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