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Today Gibraltar is a surviving part of the British Empire and a British Overseas Territory. Its community drawn from British, Genoese, Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish and other origins is firmly consolidated - friendly, bilingual and in racial and religious harmony.

Gibraltar's unique position at the crossroads of Europe and Africa coupled with its special terms of membership of the European Union enables the provision of a wide range of services to meet the requirements of international investors.

Gibraltar has developed a financial and commercial infrastructure to meet the needs of new enterprises that are seeking a low cost operation based in Europe. As a business location, it provides a high quality professional service overseen by a European standard of regulation. 

Constitution and Regulatory Environment - Gibraltar is a self governing overseas British territory and under the Treaty of Rome Article 299(4) Gibraltar is deemed a full member of the European Union. From a regulatory perspective all financial services are regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

As Gibraltar is within the European Union financial institutions are licenced and supervised in line with E.U. directives and Gibraltar has put in place legislation and standards to match those in place in the UK and other offshore jurisdictions.

 - From a taxation perspective Gibraltar an attractive jurisdiction in which to operate as it is tax neutral for most investors. Corporate tax is 10% and there is no Capital Gains tax, Inheritance or Wealth taxes; or VAT or sales tax. There is a range of tax efficient opportunities for structured solutions.

Travel Links - Gibraltar is just two and a half hours by 'plane from London and has excellent flight networks between London Gatwick, Luton and Manchester; along with Madrid and Barcelona.


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